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Water & Food
   Water Heating    
     Direct Contact Water  Heating  
       Water Heating
       Sanitation System
     Direct Steam Injection  
       Variable Flow Liquid  Heating
       Constant Flow Liquid  Heating
   Heaters & Cookers    
     Sanitary Cookers  
       Benefits of In-Line
     Starch Slurry Heaters  
     Anaerobic Pasteurizing
   Concrete Curing Systems    
     Readymix Water Heaters  
     Precast Concrete  
   Heat Recovery Systems    
     Stack Economiser  
     Flash Steam Recovery  
     Waste Water Heat  Recovery  
   Water Treatment &  Filtration    
     Sludge & Waste Water  
       Vibro Separator
       Rotary Filter
       Sludge Dewatering  System
     Waste Water Treatment  System  
       ASH (Air Sparged  Hydrocyclone)
       IPC (Inclined Plate  Clarifier)
     Water Reuse  
       Air Backwashing  Filtration
       Micro Filtration System
       Nano Fltration System
   Spare Parts    
Textile, Hosiery
& Laundry
   Spare Parts    
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